WANSecurity provides secure and reliable datacenter colocation to businesses of all sizes. Ranging from partial cabinets to cages, we work with you to provide a solution that fits your needs within your budget. Secure facilities, Multi-homed bandwidth, and Redundant power makes WANSecurity an excellent provider to colocate your servers with. Our service, guarantee, and super kind and patient support team make us the best choice.

Customized plan to fit your needs

Customized plan to fit your needs


Pricing for our colocation service is based on several factors including the size of your hardware, whether it is rack-mountable, and the amount of power it consumes in addition to the plan you've selected. Customized plans are also available for those who reqeust them.

Setup Process

Setup Process

1. Needs Interview

Our needs assessment aka needs interview, is a systematic method of gathering the information required to offer you a solution which matches the needs of your business to your budget. To get started with WANSecurity colocation and managed colocation services, we to need begin by examining your needs. The result will be a superior level of service and a solution which provides exactly what you need. No unneeded products or services will ever be recommended or pushed on you.

2. Design/Imprementation

Based on your needs, together we will design a comprehensive colocation that covers your present needs, and leaves a pathway for future growth. Finally, we'll develop a comprehensive plan for maintenance, patches and updates if applicable, and work closely with your team to extend the IT capabilities of your business.

3. Manage/Maintain

We work around the clock so you don't have to. Based on ITIL best practice methods and techniques WANSecurity managed and maintains our data centers. From the hardware to the security, you can be sure that we have it covered. At WANSecurity we believe that the network is a companies most valuable asset. We also have CISSP, and MSCE certified staff on-board to help with governmental, and other regulatory compliances, while keeping your systems secure, bug-free, and performing the best they can.

4. Monitoring/SLA

All WANSecurity Managed Hosting customer have access to our flag-ship network and system monitoring software Nexus Director. Nexus Director is a web-based monitoring solution which aggregates network monitoring tasks and presents data in a simple and comprehensive form. Rich reporting tracks problems and finds issues, effectively pinpointing the causes of failure. Nexus Director enables us to pinpoint the root cause of problems and fix them, rather than wasting resources tracking them down. Using Nexus Director, our customers can see in graphical format their resource utilization and trend information. This helps us, help you, plan for the future.

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